By education and training, Tom is a mental performance consultant, cognitive skills trainer, athlete, student, and life strategist.

Tom's focus is to create an innovative environment where performers of any craft can explore, develop, better understand, and control their psychological skillset. Tom strives to assist in the development of abilities such as unshakable confidence, sustainable motivation, mindful awareness, and a multitude of others to push the scope of your innate talents. His passion and drive for knowledge have cultivated a vast network of high performing individuals --everywhere from the world stage in sport, to high stakes business endeavors, to the performing arts and beyond.

In terms of education, Tom owns a Master's Certification in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and Master’s of Science degree in Performance Psychology from top ranked University of Edinburgh where tom's research focused on exploring the transformative benefits of expert-lead mindfulness training. Tom is currently providing consulting expertise and business operations solutions for Moawad Consulting Group in Scottsdale, Arizona while continuously expanding his private practice across the country by providing mental conditioning services to  business executives, corporations and athletes across the nation. Tom has been fortunate to garner direct experience with athletes in the National Hockey League, National Football League, and NCAA.

Outside of the educational and professional arena, Tom takes time to enjoy golf, ice hockey, and personal fitness. In a part-time capacity, Tom works with individuals of all ages to strengthen foundational cognitive skills such as attention, memory and reading fluency. He is an avid follower of all sports, particularly ice hockey, football, the olympics, and extreme adventure sports. Tom has been a member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology since 2016, a professional member of the American Psychology Association - Division 47 and a coach / member of USA hockey since 2007.