• What is mental skills training? 

Mental performance or “mindset” training is the development and conditioning of psychology skills to execute more consistently and efficiently in an effort to attain performance goals. It's enhancing skills such as motivation, focus, confidence, awareness, mental toughness, -essentially skills that might often be known as the “intangibles”.

  • Where ARE YOU located?

At this time we do not operate out of a singular location —outside of a temporary basis. Please get in touch if you wish to know if we are coaching in your area. If the sessions are “in-person” we agree to meet in a convenient, confidential meeting space -most often this includes locales at a university, library, or business accelerator space. If you have a particular space that you wish to request, please let us know.

Additionally, we offer online tele-therapy sessions through a secure video-sharing system.

  • When are you office hours?

Clients and customers can schedule sessions anytime from 9-6 pm Monday-Saturday, pending availability. To check available slots, please visit our scheduling page.


  • How can I reach you?

You can call me or text me at (970) 658-0012. I usually respond within an hour or two but for sure within 24 hours. Or you can email me at infiniteperformancecoach@gmail.com


The ability to develop an effective and long-lasting therapeutic environment takes time. Like most things, the more effort and dedication we put in, the more we will likely get out. Depending on the objectives we identify, I most often recommend scheduling sessions every 1-2 weeks so we can explore what’s going on and you can begin to implement new strategies to discover the best version of yourself. Beyond that, everyone is different so the length of our training process is upon the customer’s discretion.

  • How long are therapy sessions?

Therapy sessions are 55-60 minutes in length.

  • How do schedule a session?

I offer a free complimentary 30-60 minute phone consult so you can tell me about what brings you to therapy and I can share with you how I may be able to help. We can then set up our initial session if we are a good fit.

  • Is there paperwork I must complete?

Yes. After our initial complimentary session i will email you a short intake form which you will complete prior to the next scheduled session. the intake form includes my practice policies, an intake questionnaire, and an informed consent sheet which you will sign electronically.


You will be sent via email an electronic invoice for all agreed upon services. Payment is required within 3 days. Cash and checks are acceptable if proactively agreed upon. If you wish to receive a paper-form receipt, please let us know in advance.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

Yes. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. All appointments cancelled after the 24 hour window will be charged the full-session fee. In the case of a “session package” that customer will forfeit one session from the agreed upon number of total sessions.

  • Do you take insurance?

I can provide a super bill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if that is a part of your policy. You can call your insurance company for more information. Most often insurance companies do not cover performance enhancement therapy modals.

  • What should I expect for my first initial session? 

This is where we'll meet each other and come to ground on what you do and hope to accomplish. We’ll also discuss confidentiality and will go over my policies with you. We will talk about what is bringing your into therapy and begin to explore what might be most helpful to you. I'll also discuss my own background in more detail while giving you an overview of what can be expected. From there, we can explore anything you've been pondering or answer any questions you may have. 


  • Do I need to be an athlete?

Absolutely not. I'm open to working with anyone who is in pursuit of their passions. Whether thats a sport, cooking, video games, business, music, body-building, paintball, medical-care, dancing, or anything else we've thought up. 


  • Are you licensed?

I am working directly with a number of certified CMPC Consultants to achieve licensure from the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.


  • Do you work with youth?

Yes. With the appropriate consent, I am open to introducing younger performers, with the earliest being 8-9 years, to the basics of mental skills training. For more information on my background with youth athletics and performance, please see my bio.


  • What if I'm a novice?

All Masters start as novices. I'm open to working with any skill levels.


  • What if I live far away? Can we work online?

Again, I offer my services through an online-based tele-therapy system in the form of "ZOOM Meetings". We can also accommodate those who wish to use Facetime or Skype.


If you have any other specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!